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I wrote an article for Rowan’s December issue of Student Health 101 about Planned Parenthood’s new period-tracking app, “Spot On.” This article can be read here.


Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides reproductive health services around the country and globally, launched a new app called Spot On. This app is a free and easy way for users to track their menstrual cycle, birth control methods, and sexual health. Spot On allows users to track not only their day-to-day moods and symptoms, inline-devicesbut also view these attributes on a larger scale from month-to-month.

“At Planned Parenthood, we understand that your period is a normal – if not always welcome – part of life, and we hear pretty much every question in the book about periods and birth control,” Planned Parenthood Federation of America Chief Medical Officer Dr. Regan McDonald-Mosely said in a statement (Planned Parenthood, 2016). “This led us to create a resource to help every person understand their own unique cycle and body. We’re thrilled to introduce the Spot On app, and hope it empowers users to take control of their period, their birth control, and their overall sexual health.”

According to Planned Parenthood (2016, March 29), Spot On offers fun ways to track changes in users’ moods and body, and includes activities to create a personalized experience that helps users learn how their menstrual cycle and birth control affect their bodies. Users can enter an array of information into Spot On, ranging from symptoms such as fatigue and cramps, to moods, to daily activities such as travel, exercise, and nutrition. Planned Parenthood states that the ultimate purpose behind Spot On is to help users rule their unique cycle, instead of it ruling them.

The more frequently users track this information, the more Spot On learns about users’ cycle and can better predict when their period is supposed to arrive. Overall, Spot On allows users to decipher what symptoms are part of their menstrual cycle, what’s a birth control side effect, or what is simply their body being their body through the app’s personalized input system.

Spot On offers information, reminders, and tips about different types of birth control methods that may affect their menstrual cycles – including the pill, patch, ring, shot, IUS, and implant. This helps users stay on track and use their bir
th control accurately.

Spot On is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.


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